Saturday, 16 November 2013


Business their was off
They met and agreed on.
They were glad that at last
Where they in a Tavera*
Not knowing, blind in revel.

Suddenly rain came gushing
Darkness descending and deepening
Nothing  visible outside
Nothing they knew happening outside
Only singing, dancing and smoking while driving.

Then death saw an opportunity
Made their way so stunning, gleaming
The path to end, so glistening
That they accelerated on, enjoying
When suddenly they realized
They were descending 
Down into that beautiful yellow water
They were struggling there
But none had expected 
Their happiness destroyed, sailing
End like that.

Death every soul shall taste.
In fortresses highly protected
Or in the cave.

Death keeps seeking
So why be proud?

                     by Sameer Ahmad

(* It is a brand name of a vehicle like Jeep.)

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