Thursday, 14 November 2013

May You Die!

What is the job of a civil servant (not to sleep till noon!)? Is he to serve the citizens or are the citizens to serve him (not only with cash!)? Is it justified that he comes office at noon (because he polishes his wife’s shoes!)? Can he leave office any time in a day? Can he lie his customers (because we are fools!)? All this and more are the only chores attended by our civil service officers.

I realized this when I had to get sealed  a document by the Block Development Officer. He came at 12:30 pm. Before that a few persons called him on phone. He lied many times that he has just reached the office but never kept his word. I had to postpone my other appointments because I was waiting him since 10 O’clock morning. I just cursed him and others cursed him (it was entertaining and kept us engaged till he came!). I had never cursed anyone nor I know the proper words but I cursed him words I myself do not know the meaning of .(I even called him bastard before others.)

I also realized that these officers are worth a curse. Such officers worth is only attached to their chair. They are only flattered by the people to get their work done. Outside before a crowd they are cursed, their family is cursed and their every relative is cursed.

But they love money and curses. So let they be cursed!
By Sameer Ahmad

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