Thursday, 14 November 2013

Moral Education

 Once a woman was walking down a street with his 12 year old daughter holding her index figure with chubby little left hand. After crossing a small distance she saw a hanky on the road. It was new but it seemed that it had fallen mistakenly from someone. She seeing the best opportunity to teach her daughter a moral lesson to blend her character, she ordered her to take this hanky to a nearest police booth so that it could be taken to its owner. Her daughter later on became an example of morality, chastity and character.

The woman and daughter where ordinary citizens of Japan’s Tokyo city. The Japan's strength is its citizen’s moral well being. It is less developed as compared to USA but there are least number of crimes perpetrated that makes it more peaceful and secure country in the world. There are least number of underfed citizens.  There are no old age houses which is a shame on USA where due to moral degradation parents are thrown out of their houses disregarding their years of struggle to built it.

We too want to build our children morally but we leave everything to teachers to give them boring lessons on moral issues. What they learn is that these moral principles are to be remembered like historical facts. They do not know their practical applications and consequences. Result—they are morally corrupt.

We must exploit every opportunity to teach them moral lessons in the practical field of life. For example, a father could give his child an unpacked candy box to keep it with him for sometime and return it back after the expiry of that time. This way he can test his child’s patience, honesty and loyalty.

by Sameer Ahmad
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