Saturday, 30 November 2013

Mushtaq Peer

Kashmiri’s have demonstrated once again that they are not menial, least than other developed societies. They have social revivalist more superior than Karl Marx in the stone-form of Gulzar Peer and industrialist more superior than Vijay Mallya  in the ugly-form of Mustaq Peer.

Mushtaq Peer has disproved the Romans that Rome was not built in a day (an act that Americans would take thousands of years to master). His wealth making industry is unique because no person has been as successful as he (Farooq Abdullah has not been as successful although his years of slavery and loyalty of the Indian state!).

But, I am surprised to see people, columnists, writers, critiques, social scientists, etc. faming themselves, criticizing him as though he is the first person who has misused his position (and only!). All officers except a few are corrupt in Kashmir. We are well aware of government schools. Recruiting officers have become corepatis. Licences are granted from sources unknown (even officers’ expected children get licences before birth!). Doles and social welfare fund (mundi fund) is received by government employees (otherwise they will have to beg!). This all is before our blind eyes and we are ourselves witness.

What we need is not criticism only but practical approaches to tackle this menace. So, we need some system to prevent it (If you can think of any send it to with your name and address it will be published). We need a change not chaos created by government agencies. We need to strengthen co-operation between ourselves at citizen level, to organize ourselves against it (not Anna Hazare drama).

But we will never be able to organize ourselves against till we are selfish.

                                         by Sameer Ahmad