Friday, 15 November 2013

Root of all Evils

Satan denied to bow down before Adam because of self-glory or arrogance or ego defying his Lord's order (that is why our government leaders even if Muslims defy His orders!!). He desired self-glory because he is of scorching fire while Adam of dried clay.

This self-glory nature is an enemy of even unity. Unity of Muslims has been and is being axed down by it. There are thousands of conflicts heated by thousands of scholars of thousands of natures to preserve their self-glory. They give their opinions and views (futawa's) against each other, worshiping their self-glory (not realizing that they are treading Satan's way!).

Abu Lahab denied to accept Islam (not a religion but peace, security and real democracy) to safeguard his high status. Then he resorted to cruelty because his chair was at stake. And, because he would not be able to embezzle money, force slavery, commit adultery, drink wine and commit any crime he desired (America and Israel are two sons of him!).

There are conflicts between brothers, neighbors, relatives, friends, villages, nations, governments, leaders, employers, employees, sons, fathers, daughters and daughters-in-law. Hence, everywhere between everybody; among ourselves and with each other.Result -the whole humanity is at the verge of destruction.

If you take a cursory look at any evil committed in any society you will realize that it is committed for self-glory (separatism is also an important factor). We too commit various evils and sins because of it. It is real root of all the evils. So nip this evil as early as possible in the bud.

                                        by Sameer Ahmad

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