Sunday, 15 December 2013

Psychology of Personality

Personality is made up of the characteristic patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviours that make a person unique. (Kendra Cherry,

Many theories have been developed by psychologists to study personality. There is Sigmund Freud’s Psychoanalytical Theory and Cantell’s Trait Theory. These theories may be true to any extend, but after studying some people, I have come up with a new theory. I call this Hypocrisy Theory.

Actually, there are three kinds of mind. The Sound Mind, the Dead Mind and the Diseased Mind. The type of mind a person has, the type of personality he will have. Therefore, there are three kinds of personality - the Sound Person, the Dead Person and the Diseased Person.

The Sound Person:
A Sound Person’s mind is the Sound Mind. Attributes of the Sound Mind are:
1)      Free from doubt and uncertainty
2)      Not selfish
3)      Patience
4)      Humility
5)      Truthful
Therefore, a Sound Person is secure from any uncertainty regarding doing any good deed. He loves others without being selfish. Whatever the circumstances, he is always patient. He is always humble. He is peace and security of the world, of the families and of his society.

The Dead Person:
A Dead Person’s mind is the Dead Mind. This is the mind (ability of choosing right from wrong) that has no life. Attributes of the Dead Mind are:

1)    Slave of its carnal desires, temptations and pleasures
2)    No humility
3)    No patience
4)    No hope
5)    Full of hatred and envy

Therefore, a Dead Person’s mind may be working on the Pleasure Principle described by Sigmund Freud. If he loves, it loves for the sake of its base desires; if it hates, it hates for his base desires. He is selfish. He is ignorant. He is negligent of his affairs, family, his job, etc. He is spendthrift.

This person is dangerous for a society to only some degree because people will easily recognize him and dispose him off.

The Diseased Person:
A Diseased Person's mind is the Diseased Mind.This is the mind that has life but also has a defect. It has two impulses calling it: one leading it to life and the other to death and it follows whichever (impulse) predominates in a given situation. This person is very difficult to be recognized because he can pretend to be one of the Sound Persons.

This is the most dangerous person around us. We have to be cautious not to become his prey. Following symptoms may help you to recognize him.

  1. Lying is their habit. To serve their selfish motives they tell lies.
  2. They are dishonest. Cheating is their profession.
  3. They break promises often and are master in it.
  4. They accuse others for their faults.
  5. They may fain of working for peace but they may be creating chaos.
  6. They are blind arrogates.
They are untrue to themselves, and therefore their minds, they soon pass into the category of those of the Dead Person.When these people meet the Sound Person they say: "We are  with you and support you.", but when they meet their own party, they say: "We are really with you, we were only jesting." Thus, these are the hypocrites.

The theory's implications are wide. You can yourself prepare a list. You can use this theory when:

  1. going for marriage,
  2. choosing your leader,
  3. going in an unknown destination,
  4. making friends, etc.
In the next blog post, I will present real examples of three kinds of personalities presently living and will aware you about their dangers.