Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Lady in the Red

Today she came to my house.
I was alone like a wanderer in desert sunrise.
Was she in that red luring robe.
Those sultry long legs.
Those blackest eyes.
Those reddest cheeks.
Shut my heart and woke my mind.

That arousing breast.
That glittering forehead.
That lotus-petal nose.
Shut my breast and woke my head.

So, I forgot myself.
Ready to commit that heinous crime.
She touched me once.
That I felt I am in paradise.
I tried to kiss her.
She moved far backwards.
I chased her
Through the doors to open balcony.
She laughed at me, calling
"You're now part of the light".
I tried to grasp her
When I fell down on the ground.
Where I saw just darkness and no light.

by Sameer Ahmad

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