Saturday, 19 July 2014

Understand the Jews (Part Two)

(Note: Please read the part one first.)

Solomon died in 922 BC. Thus the nation broke into two kingdoms ruled by Solomon’s two sons – Northern and Southern kingdoms. Northern kingdom is known as Israel (according to Bible) and Southern kingdom as the Jews (Reuben, Jacob’s oldest son, according to Bible).(Yah’ood according to the holy Quran.)

In the 7th century BC, Geshurites destroyed Israel. In 587 BC Bakht Nassar (Nebuchadnezzar) destroyed the remaining Reuben nation. He destroyed even Bayt al Muqaddis (Jerusalem) and the Temple of Solomon. Thus the Torah was lost. He killed six hundred thousand Jews. Took more than the killed number to Iraq, where they spent almost hundred years in captivity. Rest of the Jews took asylum in other parts of the world including India and Afghanistan. This period is called Diaspora.

Somehow in the same period, the people of Iraq got attracted towards the Bani Israel’s religion and accepted it in large numbers. As the Moses’ teachings were only for Bani Israel, so the new religion was called Judaism.
When Iranian king Cyrus conquered Iraq he allowed the Jews to enter Palestine. Prophet 

Ezra (Hazrat Aziz) came to Jerusalem with one group. He lived there. Eighty years after Nebuchadnezzar’s attack, the Temple of Solomon was reconstructed. Torah was rewritten from memory.

Prophet Jesus was born when the Palestine was ruled by Romans. This is the period when the Jews were worst creatures – they indulged in all kinds of vices and crimes.

                                                                             to be continued..........
                                                                                              by Sameer Ahmad
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