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Understanding the Jews (Part Fourth)

The Jews considered themselves as the God’s favorite nation. They believed that the last Prophet of God will rise among them. When the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was chosen the last and final prophet and the Messenger of God, from among the Ishmaels, they were jealous. They, eventually, tried to poison the prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Thus, Muslims in Madina (Muhammad’s city) drove them away from it: Later from Khyber city. Therefore they took shelter in Palestine. After, during Omer’s (second Khalifah) rule, Palestine and Jerusalem was also conquered by Muslims. Omer himself cleaned the place of the Temple of Solomon, which was used as a garbage pit by the Christians. He allowed them to enter Palestine and visit their holy places.

During the Muslim rule over Palestine, Muslims, Jews, and the Christians were free to pilgrim their holy places in Palestine. But in 11th Century AD, Christians attacked Jerusalem. This was the first Crusade. They throw the Jews out of Palestine. Later, Salahuddin Ayoubi allowed them again to enter Palestine (after he won the last crusade war.)

The Jews had no nation of their own, ruled and managed by them, from 578 BC to 1948 AD. In 1897, Theodor Herzl founded the Zionist Movement. S Its aim is to establish the Jews rule.

In 1918, Balfour Declaration gave Britain’s support for the Israel, the nation of the Zionists.  A movement was launched to collect all the Jews throughout the world in the Israel. Holocaust was one of the tactics to impress upon the Jews that they were safe only in the nation of Israel.

In 1948, Israel state is established. This started the conflict between Arabs and the Israel.
In 2000, Pope John Paul pardoned (officially declared the Jews innocent) the Jews for the crucifixion of the Jesus.

The Zionists are planning the reconstruction of the Temple of Solomon by destroying the Mosque of Al Aqsa. Then they want to establish the Greater Israel (search Google for the maps). It includes many Arab states like Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Madina, etc.

(Theodor Herzl, helped by the British Jewish Rothschild family, met Sultan Abdul Hameed for the Purpose. The request was in the form of establishment of Jewish settlements in any part of Palestine and , if the government wished, building houses for Muslims in the very same settlements. In turn, the Jews would facilitate the payments of the Ottoman state’s loans, pay up to build the Ottoman Navy, and 35 million Liras for the prosperity of the Ottoman state. The Sultan declined to accept the offer saying, “My forefathers won the land of Palestine, I’ll not sell it for money.” He is hated ever since by the Jews and the ruling class of many Muslim countries for saying, “Let the Jews keep their millions.” He predicted: “The day Khalifah is abolished, they can have Palestine without paying anything for it.”  )

                                                                     by Sameer Ahmad (Please Comment below:)

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