Sunday, 23 February 2014

Real Culprit - Kashmir Conflict

Claims – yes, just claims, pure and simple – are the flowers adorning the personality of our leaders, whether government, religious or other social leaders, all make claims, tall and stout.

Take the government, the recent ‘hurling of chairs session’ in the Assembly is the most fatuous show on our earth. MLAs crowing at each other like cocks! If they fight like monkeys – their ancestors – means they have not developed into homo sapiens. Then, how can they claim, or campaign, we are the best option for the voters? If your leaders present you in the media as jokers devoid of sanity, how can they claim, they are even leaders?

And, here is the healthy Health Minister, who disappears like ice in boiling water when accused, and resurfaces like Haley’s Comet after a week, claiming: “A big conspiracy has been hatched against me....”! (And, we fools are going to believe him, aren’t?)And, yet he claimed the post of Health Minister!

Another Goolmaal is here, army claims: we are the most talented in the field and fully armed with the modern technologies, and yet, they cannot contain a few hundred militants who do not even know what technology is! What an irony? It makes me suspicious. Are they (army) too part of the militancy? Or, are they faking encounters to add weight to their opposition against withdrawal of troops or AFSPA?

“Reaching people, changing lives” is the slogan (claim) of our current government – UPA (Unproductive Alliance!). And, where their brakes fail while ‘reaching people’ is Kashmiri separatist leadership – separate even from their separatist philosophy! And, what have they changed? Only their vote manifestoes! And, cabinet ministers! Or, roads, railways and bridges! And, definitely luck of their kin by offering them all they need. And, of those who pay-in-advance! (You remember Mushtaq Peer!)

Here is a very tall one, taller than the tallest thing on the land: India is the largest democracy in the world – claimers’ mouth opens wide as Pacific when they chant it: India gives its people Freedom of Speech. And, yet detains some even on the petty issue of anti-Valentine’s Day campaign, and closes cases of fake encounters! How sweet!

Now, take the separatists, countless in number, are not even united against the common cause. Although, they claim night and day, from Sunday to Monday, that they are working for the unity of all factions! Being only a nuisance in the noses of the mainstream, have not even got a few of their demands fulfilled. Nor they seem to tread the Ghandiji’s path, nor of Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH). They seem to work only for the supremacy of their own factions. If that was not, they would not be divided into factions? And, the struggle has become only honey for government employees because they get some free days to linger whole days in their cosy beds. Jay ho, hartals! And the irony is that they have not been able to involve whole society into the struggle, and claim “all are we”!

So, between the corrupt leaders and hartals, “Aam Aadmi Ka Anchaar” is squeezed, and sold by our dear leaders. Hum, it’s yummy! Pity common man is confounded, and cannot decide whom to follow. What he does is, he listens to his desires and acts as per Pleasure Principle (very detrimental for Kashmir?).
In short, the leadership in Kashmir is, on one side greedy and selfish, and on the other, inexperienced and dull. We have to, therefore, wait and see the troubles, we have here in the soil and the hills, in towns and villages, in fields and forests, mounting and cordoning us from all sides.

                                                                                by Sameer Ahmad
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