Friday, 18 July 2014

Understand the Jews (Part One)

Prophet Abraham is the Father of Prophets. All prophets descended from his children. He lived in Babylon (Iraq). From his three wives came three descendants. From Hajrah’s (Hagar) son Ismail is our beloved prophet Muhammad (PBUH). From Qutoorah is prophet Shu╩┐ayb who was sent as prophet to Midian (Madyan). And from Sarah’s son is Prophet Isaac. 

Prophet Isaac settled in Palestine where he had two sons – Esau and Jacob (Yaqu’b). Prophet Jacob’s descendants are called Bani Israel. He constructed Bayt al Muqqadis (Jerusalem). Jacob had twelve sons who formed twelve tribes of Bani Israel. When his son Prophet Yusuf ascended the throne of Egypt, Jacob with his other sons came to Egypt. Bani Israel prospered and progressed during their stay in Egypt. Moses (Musa) was born here. Egypt was ruled then by Coptic whose king was Pharaoh. Israel was completely under their captivity. Moses' one mission was to free Bani Israel from the bondage. When Pharaoh heard that Bani Israel are migrating from Egypt under Moses, he chased them. He was, ultimately, drowned into a river.

 Then Bani Israel descended into the Valley of Sinai. There on Mount Tur Moses was given the Ten Commandments. In Sinai Allah blessed them with Manna and Salas: shaded them with a cloud: gave twelve springs for each of twelve tribes. But when they were ordered to fight a holy war in Palestine they defied the order. As a sentence they wandered in the Valley for forty years. Moses and Aaron (Harun) died during the period. When new generation became mature they under the leadership of Yehoshua bin Nun attacked Palestine and capture. They ascended the throne. 

But, they instead of one government formed twelve regional governments. They fought with each other which gave a chance to other rulers to capture their territories. Aamalaqah’s invaded them: killed them unaccounted: destroyed their properties. They took with them the Ark of Covenant (it is a trunk that preserved the Moses’ stick, a utensil used for Manna and Salas, etc.)

 To recapture and make good their loses they called upon the Prophet Samuel. He appointed  Tala’at ruler over them. Under his command they captured Palestine back, got the Ark of Covenant. They killed Jal'ut, the ruler of Palestine. He was killed by Prophet Daud (David). Tala'ut made David his son-in-law.

 Solomon became the next ruler. He was David's son. Solomon laid the foundation of Bayt al Muqqadis. To preserve the Ark of Covenant he built the first Temple of Solomon. During his reign people learned devil magic. 

                                                                                                                                 To be Continued................
                                                                                                                                                                by Sameer Ahmad
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