Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Understanding the Jews (Part Third)

(Note: Please read first two parts.)

Jesus’ mother, Mary, lived in Nazareth, lies in the Northern region of Palestine.

Jesus teachings were only for the Bani Israel. So, Jesus started calling people to God’s commandments (which contradicted their wishes). They despised it. They were such deep in their vices that when they killed Zacharias (Zakariyyah) and John (Yahya), there was not even a single soul to raise his voice against the crimes. There scholars had plunged far in the materialistic life. Obviously Jesus campaigned against them. They, thus, became his enemies.

They filled ears of the Romans that Jesus claims kingship and deceives the people. Fearing resentment by the people, the governor of the time, Pilate, ordered for the crucifixion of the Jesus. But God took Jesus up into the heavens.

From this day the Jesus’ followers consider the Jews their enemy because they held them responsible for his crucifixion. (This is the first period when no prophet lived on the earth.)
In 70 AD, the Jews defied against the Roman kingdom. Titus, the Roman king at the time, crushed tem violently and destroyed the Temple of the Solomon completely. Some two hundred fifty thousand Jews were killed. And those who escaped safe took shelter in the other lands.

This is the beginning of the worst period of the Jews. On the one hand, Roman emperor Constantinople accepted Christianity and thus had no compassion for the Jews.  On the other, their important religious places were destroyed completely. According to the Historians, today only the western wall of the Temple of the Solomon is intact. This is the ‘Wailing Wall’.

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