Thursday, 14 November 2013

Divine Saints!

If you come across a person claiming divinity although outwardly he seems not so, will you believe him? Well, today I realized that our brains (not mine!) have not matured even when the advancement, education and modernity are rampant.

Be it Gulzar Peer or the Hindu Asaram Bapu, we are too gullible to fall prey to such divine (read satanic) personalities.

Recently I was introduced to such a person by my aunt. He claimed that he will take us to paradise even if we are severely guilty. In return he wanted us to invite him to our house as often as he ordered (his belly is twenty five feet across!). He claimed that he saw prophet Muhammad (PBUH) just then claiming he was flying on Jibreel’s back (he has hypermetropia!). He claims to have visited paradise many times (so he will be thrown into hell now!). All his claims where baseless with no proof or evidence.

I was dumbfounded to see my aunt and other high classed women and men kissing his feet and nodding in agreement. My own aunt is a teacher and high qualified person. She succumbed to his obvious unbelievable facts.

These satan’s get acceptance and prestige in our society because we are too lazy to do things ourselves. We want everything must happen itself miraculously. We want to sleep in cozy beds and leave everything in the hands of these fake Bapus (and in Kashmir, in the hands of Bapus and Biharis!). We want these people to miraculously solve all of our problems even if we can solve them by our own efforts ( and all problems can be solved only through our hard work).

This nature of ours is very devastating for our survival. We have tasted its bitterness ( Gulzar Peer’s and Asaram Bapu’s mercy!). Are we waiting for more? When will we shun this laziness and gullibility and act according to facts? Nature shows us true paths and we must tread it with our efforts.

By Sameer Ahmad

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