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Feminism – grave of the humanity

Feminism (a movement to save world from the scarcity of cloths by encouraging women not to wear!) has been one of the biggest cause of crimes against women. It has given birth to such customs, fashions and superstitions that have degraded the status of women in our society. She has been reduced to a mere entertaining object for the men (he watches TV, browses internet and goes to parties because women are present, entertaining!). The movement was to reduce the crimes against women. But, studying the statistics available about such crimes, these have not only increased but have taken new forms (that only humans can comprehend!).

According to the U.S Bureau of Justice, CDC and UN’s research dated 6.18.2013, 89,000 (only reported) rapes take place In America annually. Highest number of rapes takes place in Lesotho. The United States is at the sixth place and the United Kingdom at ninth, these are the countries where the movement is at peak. The countries with no or the lowest rape are mostly Arab countries or the countries with the Islamic laws. (In these countries the rate is increasing as the movement is spreading.) In New Delhi alone according to a 2010 study 66 percent of women reported experience of sexual harassment between two to five times during past year1. Further, in the US 83 percent girls aged twelve to sixteen have experienced some form of sexual harassment in public schools1. Also, at least one in four teenage American girls has sexually transmitted disease2.

Femicide has heightened manifolds. In the US one-third of women murdered each year are killed by intimate partners. According to a report of 2007, in India twenty two women are famicided each day. In Australia, Canada, Israel, South Africa and the US, intimate partner violence accounts for between forty to seventy percent of female murder victims3.

Among the trafficked, women and girls make 90 percent, trafficked for sexual exploitation. Moreover, 100 to 140 million women and girls have faced genital mutilation1.

Thus, thirty five percent women have faced violence worldwide (WHO). Women in urban areas are twice likely to experience violence. Fifty percent of American women (of all ages) lose their virginity before marriage.  Ninety five percent succumb to petting4.

Prof Arnold J Toynbee (World Review, March 1949) proclaims that:
“In history the ages of disintegration were usually the ages in which women left the home.”
Anthony M. Ludivici says that:
“The mere fact that in all periods of decline, woman has always come to fore shows (the historical fact) that feminism is undeniably a phenomenon of male disintegration.” (Woman: A. Yindigration)

(Note: All the statistics is from the sources that promote the movement so highest possible bias is inevitable.)

  2. Lindsay Tanner, a medical reporter with Associated Press.
  4. Dr. Kinsey Report. Google it!
                                                        by Sameer Ahmad
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